Welding services

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We offer the following services

  • Design / development / planning / 3d modeling
  • Welding services of any complexity
  • All types of welding (MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA)
  • Assembly / disassembly / repair / transportation / delivery in the EU
  • Installation of refrigerated industrial routes
  • Installation of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Metal fabrication and assembly according to drawings
  • Installation of metal and pipeline
  • Object Maintenance
  • Recruitment services for welding industry

We are a fast-paced campaign based on modern thinking and ideas. We are constantly expanding not only in Estonia, but also abroad. We provide highly qualified employees who have undergone intensive training and testing. Our experts have all the necessary documents for work throughout the EU. They have ID 06, a safety card, a fire card, personal ID cards, welders have welding certificates, locksmiths have permits for a forklift, frontal loader, aerial platform driver's license and building licenses.


Certificates, insurances & memberships

  • Liability Insurance Policy (EU)
  • Health and Accident Insurance Policy (EU)
  • Business ID (Fin)
  • Sistec ID 06 Cards (SWE)
  • Tax Number and Personal Identification Number (FIN)